Meet Gnomi, our Mental Health & well-being Guru here to answer your questions weekly.  Gnomi welcomes you to be open about Mental Health & Well-being and to start conversations with those who might need her support. 

Please send Gnomi your questions, stories or personal experiences to info@meaningfuleducation.co.uk by Sunday every week to have your questions answered here the following week, please note you will be kept anonymous.
  1. CHECKOUT Gnomi
  2. Gnomi with the ASDA staff
  3. Gnomi with Elaine Cruz from Mary Seacole Housing Association
  4. Gnomi with the Head Teacher and Deputy Heads at Dallow Primary School
  5. Gnomi with the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire
  6. Gnomi with Teela from Music24
  7. Gnomi with Millie from Music24
  8. Gnomi with Gail from ELFT NHS & CC from M.E