Bedfordshire Dignity Conference 2018 ​ 


Presented by MEANINGFUL EDUCATION CIC on Thursday 1st February 2018
MEANINGFUL EDUCATION presented the very first Bedfordshire Dignity Conference on National Dignity Day and Time to Change Day being Thursday 1st February. The one day conference consisted of speakers, topics and audience from all areas of professional backgrounds and the general public. Below is a glimpse of themes discussed:

- Dignity in Care 
- Responding to Community Trauma with Dignity 
- Dignity in Youth 
- Hate Crime & Dignity 
- Dignity for Refugees 
- Dignity in Homelessness 
- Social Media & Dignity - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
- Dignity in Mental Health 
- Working with Dignity in Sports through Respect & Inclusion
​- Dignity in Faith & Religion 

We had the pleasure of the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire opening the first official conference, also stating what Dignity means to him to get the ball rolling for the upcoming key note speakers.

Yusef Gojikian - Dignity for Refugees
Voted Most Empowering

Yusef is a Senior Social Worker, the refugee lead in his team. Being a refugee himself, he understands the struggles that people face when they come to another country to seek asylum because they have suffered prosecution at home and even torture and imprisonment simply for:

- Supporting the 'wrong' political party
- Speaking out against corruption
- Marrying the 'wrong' person or being Gay
- Belonging to the 'wrong' ethnic group or practicing the 'wrong' religion 
- To avoid FGM 
- To escape conscription as a suicide bomber 

These are some of the most common reasons, his speech empowered people because of where Yusef has come from and who he is now. Covering the myths that are connected to asylum seekers and the facts of being a refugee in a country you do not know, a language you do not understand and a culture you are not part of. His final message to the audience was sincere and simple:

"To challenge the myths and tell the
truth about sanctuary seekers to
help develop a culture of
welcome and Dignity"

For more information on any of our speakers or their topics, please email and the team will be more than happy to assist and direct.
Opening by The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire - DL Vinod Tailor 


Special guest speech from the Chair of the National Dignity Council Jan Burns MBE
Sr. Maire Hayes - Differentiating Religion and Culture 
Ever heard of the National Dignity Council? a question we ask every single person and group that we teach and we are still yet to find someone who will say yes for the first time.

We had the absolute pleasure of having the great speaker and chair of the National Dignity Council, Jan Burns MBE. She had the audience engaged in her story and what dignity meant to her, her humour kept the audience and the speakers engaged. Recieving a call from BBC Radio scheduling an interview with her as she was live on stage made her speech the one to remember,for Jan Burns Dignity is Kindness, Respect and Compassion.

A topic well recieved, a topic needed to be discussed. Sr. Maire Hayes discussed Religion and Culture and the difference between the two, we often create a stigma in regards to the differences of people and the communities they are from without truly understanding who they are and where they are from. Sr. Maire Hayes gave a wonderful speech on the different religions and reffered to Dignity from each when exploring the cultures through respect and inclusion.
Joan Bailey MBE - Passionately discussing Dignity in Youth 
Rigerta Ahmetaj - Our Marketing Manager showcasing
Social Media and Dignity   
A topic not many think about but is essential in our personal lives, business and in promotion in general. Our Marketing manager highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly of social media when regarding Dignity, concluding with key points that can be and are recommended to be implemented when marketing yourself and your business through different marketing platforms. Using examples from Meaningful Education, Adidas and Channel 4.
Gail Dearing - Dignity in Mental Health from an
NHS ELFT perspective

What was the feedback?

"What an amazing event. Well Done to you and your team. The speakers were brilliant, the organisation and timing was superb. The food was delicious and well catered. I learnt a lot from sessions and your video clips so appropriate for the subject."​​

Mr Vinod Tailor DL
The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire

"I know i was a keynote speaker, but i got so much more out of today than i put in..... really great event."
"I have been to several conferences and events over the years, but the Bedfordshire Dignity Conference was the best by far! Cant wait until BDC2019!"
"Fabulous event, I got a lot from it."

Make sure to save the date for our next conference, it will be taking place on ​
Friday 1st February 2019.

All details TO BE CONFIRMED later on in the year