Grenfell Fire Response

Meaningful Education and Total Family Coaching are partnership organisations who have jointly developed and delivered overnight support services to families affected directly by the fire at the Grenfell Tower and the wider community.

Following our initial involvement in providing immediate support services for families affected by the tragic fire and the wider community, we have now established ongoing support operating 7 days a week in different settings for easy access by all.  
We offer group and individual sessions, working towards Mental Health Support, empowering parents, families, and the community to tackle emotional reactions to the tragic event and create community cohesion essential for adaptation, sustainable progress and moving forward.

We run our project activities 7 days a week from a variety of community settings, operating an open-door policy for the whole community who witnessed the tragedy and lost friends and family to it. 

Currently providing, in partnership with Total Family Coaching CIC

Overnight support service (7 nights a week 8pm-3am)
Listening service- emotional and Mental Health support offered to residents currently on temporary accommodation in hotels across the Borough.
Kids on The Green @ Crow’s Nest Gallery W10

(Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat from 2-6.30) Group and 1-2-1 support for parents
We continue offering emotional, self-care and parenting support to adults, parallel to activities for children/young people run by Kids on the Green team. .

Music for the Mind, Luton & Bedford

Music for the Mind (MFTM) is a new programme devised in partnership with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT),   ​​ MUSIC 24  and Meaningful Education. This pilot is aimed at engaging those who are most hard-to-reach and experiencing enduring mental health conditions. Referrals, made by ELFT, will come directly from the Acute Inpatient Units and from the Early Interventions Teams in Luton and Bedford.

Each project will establish a group using a co-production structure. The participants will drive and steer the direction of the group with the support of Music24 and Meaningful Education. This will be in the form of group music therapy and one-to-one life-coaching (provided by ME) that will compliment an overall group goal that will be decided upon by the attendees. They can choose to work towards a main project that is seed-funded by Music24; this could include putting on a showcase, writing an album, doing a music video or some other project suggested by the participants.

The groups will be offered full support in project managing their chosen event/project and encouraged to take part in their own fundraising activities. The skills that we hope people will engage with are: money management, budgeting and negotiation, organisational skills and time-management, working together/team-building, creating an online presence through social media, working out solutions and improving confidence and motivation, to name a few. It is hoped that the groups will be established and survive beyond the initial 6 months of support and the participants develop new skills that can contribute to the future success to maintain a high level on community engagement for it to thrive and grow. 

MFTM Luton is funded by The Allen Lane Foundation and MFTM Bedford is funded by The Harpur Trust.
We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per session, per participant.