The Gallery showcases the events we have held or have been part of in the most recent months.
Luton Carnival 2017 
​Sunday 28th May 2017
M.E were part of the Luton Carnival Health and Wellbeing zone on Sunday 28th May 2017, the sun was shining and the team members were put to the test to put a gazebo up from scratch. We had the pleasure of being joined by ELFT NHS Break The Stigma campaign, Music 24, Mind BLMK, Active Luton, Our Minds Matter, Samaritans, Healthwatch Luton and NOAH.

Gnomi our Mental Health & Wellbeing guru was present at the carnival and made a visit to the rest of the organisations to see what they had planned, taking selfies with members of the public as she went along. This encouraged people to visit our #AskGnomi blog and ask their own questions.

We also had our Bedfordshire Dignity Network board 'What does Dignity mean to you?' with us the whole time. Our amazing Managing Director and our lovely Volunteer Tasha went on a hunt through the crowds at the Carnival and had conversations with people in regards to what dignity means to them. Please scroll through the photos on the right to see who they spoke too and on our Twitter @MeaningfulEd for their responses.

We look forward to joining the Health and Wellbeing zone at the Carnival in 2018.

​Wednesday 17th May 2017
Dementia Awareness Week - Let's Rave About Dignity 
Great pleasure to have had the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire attend our event to 'RAVE ABOUT DIGNITY'. Thank you to the whole team at Meaningful Education, Waymayka and Home Instead Care Luton who made sure the event ran smoothly, giving the public resources and information in the most cheerful way despite the pouring rain . The turn out was amazing with new members signed up to the Bedfordshire Dignity Network and their great selfies with Gnomi.

Why is Dignity so important?  - Dignity enables individuals and groups to feel respected, valued and connected with others around them. Dignity and respect are considered basic human rights, and both help people feel a sense of worthiness and importance. Dignity involves a mutual effort among people to listen, understand opinions and values and include one another in conversations.

Dignity is about focusing on the value of every person as an individual. It means respecting other’s views, choices and decisions, not making assumptions about how people want to be treated and working with care and compassion. 

We as a network will be hosting a series of events across the summer, the first was during Dementia Awareness week. We attended Asda – Dunstable. 

​08th - 12th May 2017
Mental Health Awareness Week 
During Mental Health Awareness week we attended Grove Corner Youth Club and the Junior Wardens Dunstable, providing engaging and interactive Mental Health Awareness workshops to the younger generations as part of our Children and Young People Mental Health Programme. 

We were also special guests on Inspire FM 105.1 on the Health & Fitness show with Fahad Matin where we were joined by our wonderful volunteers and our 3 Dignity Ambassadors to discuss Dignity and Mental Health, it was inpiring to see our young ambassadors taking on their role with full passion and determination to make a difference. 

During this week we worked on our new blog called #AskGnomi, our Mental Health & Wellbeing guru. Gnomi has a team of inhouse professionals answering questions from the public, telling people's stories and writing inspirational content to raise awareness of Mental Health issues, hints and tips on Mental Well-being and general advice. 

Dames Kelly Holmes Trust - Health & Wellbeing at Luton Sixth Form College
Tuesday 18th April 2017
It was a pleasure to be invited by Luton Borough Council to attend the Dames Kelly Holmes Trust Get on Track programme to be one of the service providers to facilitate health & wellbeing workshops at Luton Sixth Form College alongside Active Luton and Live Well Luton. 

Meaningful Education joined up with NHS Break The Stigma campaign (East London Foundation Trust). To provide students with mental health awareness, breaking the stigma, mental wellbeing activities and laughter yoga.

10th - 13th April 2017
Dignity Art Youth Programme - Houghton Regis Community Centre
M.E are delighted to have been supported by Groundworks Luton & Central Beds and Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Team on our Dignity Art Youth Programme. We have been facilitating a number of Dignity Art programmes across Bedfordshire which we will be collborating all pieces of art into a gallery event that will be showcased on Wednesday 14th June 2017 at Houghton Regis Community Centre. It has been an honour to work with such talented young individuals.

“The Bedfordshire Dignity Network has core values about having Dignity in our Hearts, Minds and Actions, changing the culture of our Community, by enhancing greater awareness on Preserving Dignity within the community and the care services by placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care for Citizens within Bedfordshire.”

Intergenerational Dignity Art - Bedford 
6th March - 1st May 2017
This is an 8 week project located in Bedford for Young People & Adults, the project aims to provide meaningful and well structured opportunities for people of different generations, to share knowledge, experience and skills. Thereby improving empathy and promoting community cohesion, intergenerational work is incredibly important in today's society as both young people and older people can feel very cut off and isolated from their community. There aren't many natural engagement models for the younger and older generation to get together but once they do, we have seen multiple benefits. 

We are committed to ensuring that the work we undertake across the generations is a meaningful and valuable experience for both the older and younger people and that there is a two-way exchange of knowledge, skills and/or experience. 
1st April 2017
The Installation of the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire
A very proud and momentous occasion for Bedfordshire. We had the pleasure of attending the Installation of THE HIGH SHERIFF OF BEDFORDSHIRE ceremony. It was such an honour to be part of a historical day! We congratulate the newly Appointed High Sheriff Dr. Vinod Tailor, we wish you a fantastic year in office. 

Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Event
Saturday 12th March 2017
It was an honour to be part of the Community and Culture event held in Luton, which was faboulously organised by Bedfordshire Police - Community Cohesion  team and their Champions. 
The day was filled with many wonderful performances, entertainment, activities and a variety of cultural foods. 
It was a very well attended event, enhancing community cohesion. 
It was a prilivage to have had the support and attendance of  Mayor Cllr Tahir Khan and Bedfordshire High Sheriff, Dr. Vinod Tailor.
Meaningful Education was on board to provide meaningful activities - Dignity Art, and raising awareness of the importance of Dignity within ones self and within our community. 
For further information on how you can become a member of the Bedfordshire Dignity network please email:

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Wednesday 1st March 2017
Talking Dignity on BBC 3 Counties with Nick Coffer 
  1. Title 3
We had the pleasure of being on BBC 3 Counties Radio with Nick Coffer to discuss the Bedfordshire Dignity Network and what Dignity means to us as individuals. The network is growing at a fast pace and we would like to officially welcome the Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Team as a member, it is a pleasure to have such a large range of organisations, communities and people a part of our proactive network. 

Mental Health Awareness Programme - Children & Young People 
6th - 9th February 2017
During this week Meaningful Education have been privileged to teach Mental Health Awareness and Mental Wellbeing to 862 pupils. Awareness raising, early detection, and recognition is very important in a person’s development & journey. Our vision is for all Schools & health services to recognise positive mental health as a priority for student success. “We need to equip our young people with the knowledge, confidence and skills to recognise mental health difficulties in themselves and others, and how to seek the appropriate support.” Our aim is to inspire Schools to take a strategic leadership in prioritising a whole School approach to mental wellbeing.

Bedfordshire Dignity Network - Mocktail Morning 
Wednesday 01st February 2017
On Dignity Action Day the Bedfordshire Dignity Network held a "Mocktails Morning" event, to raise awareness of Dignity Action Day. We were joined by some of our existing members and we welcomed new members to the network. We are very much looking forward to working together as a pro-active network to achieve the goals set for 2017. #PuttingBedfordshireOnTheDignityMap #RaisingAwareness #DignityMatters. 

LCH Annual Conference 2016 - Dignity Ambassadors 
Tuesday 06th December 2016
We were very honored and privileged to have had the Bedfordshire Dignity Network Junior Ambassadors invited to speak at the Annual Luton Community Housing Conference 2016. The girls stated their pledges into why they have taken on this role, explaining how they are going to do this in the environments around them in order to promote and encourage Dignity.

The LCH are a small but growing housing association with a strong local identity in the areas in which it works. Their primary aim is to provide homes for people; homes with the highest standards possible within their resources, to find out more about them please visit

  1. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  2. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  3. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  4. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  5. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  6. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  7. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  8. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  9. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  10. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  11. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
  12. Credit: Luton Community Housing 2016 Annual Conference
International Men's Day 
Saturday 19th November 2016
Meaningful Education were honoured to be asked by Dee Bailey to be guests speakers at the 1st International Men's Day conference held at Lewsey Farm Learning Centre. 
Meaningful Education hosted an information stall on the day and as guest speakers we spoke about "Understanding Dementia" and becoming a Dementia Friendly community. 
It was also a very special occassion as a partner with Music24 on the "Music for the Mind" programme, our service users performed a piece that they created based on Dignity. 

Remembrance Day - Luton Town Hall
Sunday 13th November 2016
A very dignified and inclusive remembrance service took place outside Luton Town Hall.
Dunstable & Houghton Regis Community and Business Awards
Thursday 10th November 2016
WE ONLY WENT AND WON ! New Business of the Year (up to 2 years) The New Business of the Year is awarded in recognition of the new business which has achieved the highest performance and success.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us, worked with us and all those that nominated us! Truly appreciated. We strive to promote good standards and good quality services within mental health / health and social care.
Luton Dementia Conference 2016
Wednesday 9th November 16
We were delighted to be invited to host an information stall at the Luton Dementia Conference 2016, it was wonderful to see such a large attendance. There were many wonderful guest speakers throughout the day providing  information on the new Dementia Strategy in order to create a dementia friendly community.

A dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported; and are confident they can contribute to community life.

Making Luton a dementia-friendly community is work in progress.Luton have already been nationally recognised for making progress, but there is still more work to be done. In a dementia friendly community people will be aware of and understand dementia, and people with dementia will feel included and involved, and have choice and control over their day-to-day lives”
Meaningful Education spoke to many individuals throughout the day, providing information, advice and guidance - relating to caring for the carer, Meaningful Daily Activities and understanding Dementia.

Bedfordshire Dignity Network -
Junior Ambassadors 
Sunday 6th November 16
The Bedfordshire Dignity Network (BDN) are pleased to announce the NEW addition of our 3 Junior Dignity Ambassadors to the network. 
We are welcome Laci, Evie, and Mila to the BDN, all 3 ambassadors have written a  pledge including why  they feel being a dignity ambassador is so important to them. 
Laci, Evie, and Mila will soon begin working on dignity within schools across Bedfordhsire supporting other young people.
Global Woman Entrepreneurship Forum
Tuesday 01st November 2016
It was a pleasure to attend the Global Woman Entrepreneurship Forum 2016 in London as MEANINGFUL EDUCATION LTD CIC. We had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people who matched our passion and drive in making a difference. Thank you to the amazing host Mirela Sula who has always been an inspiration with her empowerment and positivity.

For recorded content please visit Twitter feeds at @MeaningfulEd and @GlobalWomanCo where you will see images/videos from the event.
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Inspire FM Radio Interview 
Thursday 21st October 2016
We were very honoured to of been invited as guests to be on AUK Radio on Wednesday 20th October and on Thursday 21st October on Inspire Fm 105.1 to have a discussion about the Network and how this is going to benefit the community around us. 

AUK Radio is an internet radio station dedicated to inspire and connect communities through their programmes. We would like to thank, Velma James -Radio Presenter for inviting us in to talk about the Bedfordshire Dignity Network and our future plans to develop the network. Inspire Fm is a community-based voluntary radio service in Luton, we would like to thank Fahad Matin on the Health & Fitness show for giving us the opportunity to further spread the word about the Bedfordshire Dignity Network. 
Luton Community Awards 2016
Friday 14th October 2016
​It was fantastic to have had MEANINGFUL EDUCATION LTD CIC as a finalist a the Luton Community Awards 2016 for Health & Social Care Champion, it is heartwarming to know that the work we're doing is being recognised and appreciated. Thank you to everybody who made it such a wonderful evening and who continue to support us in everything we do, there is not enough gratitude for what you do.
Bedfordshire Dignity Network Launch
Wednesday 12th October 2016
On Wednesday 12th October we Officially Launched the Bedfordshire Dignity Network, we are happy to announce that we have also signed new members on the day, and can confirm we are delighted to have 15 members within the Network. Our special guest speakers included the Luton Mayor Councillor Tahir Khan and the Houghton Regis Mayor Councillor Chris Slough.

They showed the Dignity Network great support even sharing a very touching poem, which showed the importance of having a dignified community. MEANINGFUL EDUCATION 2016: "We want Bedfordshire to be recognised as a place where everyone is treated with Dignity & Respect, creating a dignified community for an improved quality of life for all"

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all Dignity Champions living within Bedfordshire to join their local network! 
  1. BDN Launch - Luton Mayor Councillor Tahir Khan
  2. BDN Launch
  3. Guests on Inspire FM 105.1 Health & Fitness Show with Fahad Matin
  4. Bedfordshire Dignity Network Launch
BBC Three Counties Prime Time Breakfast Radio Interview 
Thursday 15th September 2016
ME were invited to be on The Andy Collins Breakfast show at the BBC Three Counties Radio. 

Meaningful Edication, Arteria Mentoring and Phil Griggs, attended to talk about our programme "MOVE for Military" a FREE training programmes available to unemployed ex-Military personnel and / or their close family members living in the Bedfordshire area.
We are due to run our programme Janurary 2017, and are currently enrolling now!
Dementia Awareness with Fire Safety Day
Friday 19th August 2016

" This unique one-day training event was organised to enable members of the public and health care professionals to take part in three highly informative and practical sessions.

Meaningful Education, Virtual Dementia Tour and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service  joined forces to provide a unique interactive experience that provided participants with a better understanding of Dementia and what it is like for the people living with Diagnosis. 

Meaningful Education provided stimulating discussions and activities on understanding dementia and reminiscence.The Virtual Dementia Tour is a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia and is ‘Your Window into Their World’. Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service provided advice and guidance on fire risks and prevention on Fire Safety in the Home using their purpose built "Home Safety Centre," all sessions were interactive and took place at Luton Community Fire Station."
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" Understanding Dementia training should be given to all emergency services staff on the front-line"
Beds Fire Service Staff Member

" The trainer was very professional and made me feel very comfortable from the beginning, very much enjoyed the training, it was very informative and brilliantly conducted. Thank you"

 "Understanding Dementia - Excellent content, so fascinating! Thank you so much, it would be excellent to work closely with other organisations locally to better support Dementia patients / carer's"

Carers Week - Laughter Yoga
6th - 10th June 2016
As part of carer's week MEANINGFUL EDUCATION has had the pleasure of providing services across the week. We launched our carers in the community - Meaningful Daily Activities workshops. We hosted an information stall at the Luton Irish Forum on Thursday 9th June, Friday 10th June we hosted Laughter Yoga activities throughout the afternoon. We have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful individuals across the week. People were drawn to the Laughter Yoga sessions as we were the noisiest room in the building (in a good way of course).
40th Anniversary Luton Carnival Chill Tent
Meaningful Education collaborated with Mind BLMK to host the 'Chill Tent' at the 40th anniversary of the Luton Carnival , it was a fantastic day where we created a Social Media Movement ‪#‎MEChillTent‬ across Twitter @MeaningfulEd, it was amazing to see Luton being so proactive and getting involved in what good Mental Health means to THEM!

Great support from the Luton Mayor, Bedfordshire Police, Local Organisations and the general public. 
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Charity Football Match for CHUMS

On the 19th May 2016 we took part in a Charity Football Match over at the Luton Town Football ground to raise money for Chums (Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People), we had a motivated and passionate team who landed us a success with 2-1.

Our ME team players were: 

1.Tyler Fry: 9
2. Joshua Dell: 11
3. Eraldo Ahmetaj: 2
4. Lisian Isufaj: 10
5. Qasim Rasiat: 16
6. Wezley Nation: 4
7. Reeon Wiltshire: 15

AND many others from CHUMS and the LBC, we would like to thank everybody for their participation and for playing a game that left everybody wanting to see more (we've heard a rematch is on the cards). Great support was shown for the charity and if you would like to find out more information then please visit their website: and their Facebook page Chums where you can donate and find out more on the vast amount of opportunities they have for volunteers.
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