We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health and in both cases we are on a continuum, where our health can vary from day to day.  Here at Meaningful Education we believe it is of the upmost importance for our staff and volunteers to feel motivated, valued, and to be treated with Dignity, in order for each individual to aspire to reach their full potiential. A happy team is a productive team.

Clare Copleston

Managing Director 

Strategic lead for Meaningful Education CIC and founder of the Bedfordshire Dignity Network. Clare has successfully developed the strategic Vision, Scope and Mission of the organisation and has a demonstrated history of working within the Health & Social Care Industry. Clare has 16 years experience, specialising in Mental Health services both Public and Private Health Care.  A teacher of Mental Health studies, Armed Forces and emergency services Mental Health Support including PTSD, Care Act Standards trainer, Employability and a lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire for Undergraduates.

- Qualified in EFT Practitioner, CBT, Life Coach, PGCE - Degree in Teaching, Emergency First Aid Trainer, Diploma in the following in Psychology, Mental Health Studies and Dementia Care, 

- Trained in Mediation with Negotiation, Violence & Hate Crime, and Sexual Exploitation and Specialising in Activities provisions with Person Centred Approaches in Dementia. 

Tel: 01582 283 124 / Ext.2

Rigerta Ahmetaj


Marketing Manager for Meaningful Education CIC, Rigerta has led the organisation through its rebranding exercise, successfully merging with partnering organisations through web design, marketing materials and advertising. Rigerta is responsible for developing and maintaining several successful social media platforms. Rigerta is also an Interpreter, Teacher, and Community Volunteer with experience in Public Health, Local Authority and Social Service Sectors specialising in Mental Health, Education, Clinical Services, Sexual Exploitation, Violence & Hate Crime Reduction and Immigration.

- Qualified in BA (Hons) Marketing with Advertising, Teaching & Training, and EFT Therapy.

- Trained in Hate Crime, Mentoring and Mediation with Negotiation.

Tel: 01582 283 124 / Ext.1

Joshua Antwi
Art & Design Volunteer
Josh a creative artist who was appointed in February 2017. Josh's dedication and passion to create pieces of community art shines through in his creative designs. Josh has been involved in a number of artwork projects for both Meaningful Education and the Bedfordshire Dignity Network. Josh's work was selected to be displayed at an art exhibition event held in Bedford during September - December 2017. Josh supports with marketing and advertising, media, community projects and events. 
Laura Amherst 
Services Co-ordinator Volunteer
Laura a Psychology student at the University of Hertfordshire was appointed in March 2017. Laura is responsible for co-ordinating community education and projects that will ensure the delivery of the strategic objectives of Meaningful Education. Laura is experienced in project management, development and service delivery.
Sharon Thompson
Community Volunteer
Sharon was appointed in March 2018.Sharon a community coordinator, provides support and guidance to our service users within our community mental health peer support groups. Sharon participates in events, activities and projects and has successfully achieved the care act certificate after completing all her training on the care act standards. 
Our Partner Organisations
Total Family Coaching and Parenting CIC
Total Family Coaching & parenting was formed in January 2016 by a group of highly-skilled professionals, with a wealth of experience working with families within local authority context. Total Family Coaching & Parenting is a community based, locally rooted organisation consisting of highly skilled practitioners from different professional backgrounds experienced in working with children, young people, and families in any setting.  We are a team of highly skilled, multi-lingual family and parenting practitioners, offering an intensive support package to reduce trauma and enhance the wellbeing of families by providing psychosocial support to individuals and groups, through practical and therapeutic approaches. 

Family coaching model is a strength based approach and focuses on working with families and children to establish their individual and family functioning strengths. We believe that families even when facing difficulties and challenges, have many strengths that need to be recognised and encouraged. We provide tailored and family-centred packages of support to children and families who are already experiencing complex and ongoing problems and universal/inclusive services for all the community. The emphasis is on constructing solutions rather than resolving problems.  The approach is based on the idea of recognising the family’s past trauma and difficult experiences with the aim of helping them focus on identifying what they want to achieve rather than on what brought them here. The approach does not dwell extensively with the past but instead focuses on the present and future.  

Total Family Coaching stands for families' rights to better lives, access to support and equal opportunities. We believe in families and their ability to make positive changes and improve their relationships and quality of life. A core value of our work is respecting the humanity and dignity of all people under any circumstances.