Social Prescription Service
Luton Borough Council and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, along with partners organisations launched Luton Social Prescription, to promote health and wellbeing in Luton. Social prescribing is about linking people up to activities in the community that they might benefit from, and connecting people to non-medical sources of support. Luton social prescription bridges real partnerships across health, social care and the community sector that focusses on promoting health and wellbeing, not just managing illness. Key to this is a step change in harnessing our local communities contribution as a resource to assist with reducing health inequalities, by helping people and community based organisations to become more connected, socially enagaged and empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices. Social prescription can help with preventing people becoming ill. It also help many people with long-term conditions manage their health more effectively, as well as building stronger and more empowered communities.

Being healthy and well is a very important part of our daily living, if you're not feeling well GP's can prescribe medications and treatments, but what if they thought that something else could also help? perhaps something like a social activity, a support group, or a sports activity? Thats where Social Prescription comes in. 

Social prescription is when your GP 'prescribes' you something other than medication or treatment. If your GP thinks you might benefit from a Social Prescription then they will refer you to the 'Community Navigator' based at your GP surgery. Your community navigator will work with you to find an activity or organisation that would suit your interests and your needs and they'll support you to access it for FREE for up to 12 weeks.

Social Prescription is currently available in Luton in the following surgeries:

  • Moakes Medical Centre
  • Gardenia Surgery 
  • Woodland Avenue Practice 

Meaningful Education CIC have accreditation as an approved service provider within the Luton Social Prescription Service.